Directly from producers


San Juan, Intibuca


Catuai, Caturra, and Bourbon


Altitude Range:

1,100-1,800 MASL


Harvest Months:

December to March


Wet Mill Process:

Fully Washed


Drying Method:

Solar Dryers and Patios


Cup Score Range:

82.0 –  83.0



10,000 bags/60kg


The town of San Juan is situated in the mountainous department of Intibucá, located in the western region of Honduras.

The territory is divided by the continental mountain range, traversing the department from north to south. Intibucá means “high plateau”, situated at 1,990 m.a.s.l. It boasts one of the coldest towns in the country. 

The primary source of income for community members comes from the numerous coffee farms that can be found throughout the region. The Opalaca Biological Reserve looms in the background with numerous creeks flowing through the valley.

This coffee has an aromatic fragrance, good acidity, rich chocolaty flavor, and a citric aftertaste.


Due to the attraction of the Opalaca Biological Reserve in the area, a group of community members trying to promote eco-tourism established the first rural tourism cooperative, offering various packages for tourists to see what they call "the Real Honduras".

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