Directly from individual producers of the Program.

Region :

Santa Bárbara, Lempira, Copán and Ocotepeque


Ihcafe 90, Catuai, Caturra, Lempira and Bourbon

Altitude Range:

1420-2067 M.A.S.L.

Harvest Months:

February – April

Wet Mill Process :

Semi-washed (Red Honey)

Drying Method:

Africans beds, Patios

Score :

SCA 83.00 – 84.75


275 bags/69kg


Guara Roja is a red Honey process coffee that comes from our Specialty Program with a significant departure from conventional supply, the intensity of its attributes comes directly from the effort of farmers trained to produce specialty coffee.

A coffee farmed in abundance of shaded Arabica trees at the peak of mountains located in the country’s highest regions, where the microclimate offers an opportunity to grow a singular bean.

It is handpicked, choosing only the opaque red cherries, after that the semi-washed pulped beans with only part of mucilage as a coat is slowly dried on top of elevated beds during three to five weeks.

This is an exquisite combination of sweet & bright acidity coffee with a juicy flavor that stands out with a complex aftertaste. The intrinsic sensory aspect of its taste and aroma is so particular that they can be easily identified among many flavor profiles.

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