Sourced :
Directly from individual producers of the program


Region :
Lempira, Intibuca and Ocotepeque


Ihcafe 90, Catuai, Caturra, Lempira, and Bourbon


Altitude Range:
1420-2067 MASL


Harvest Months:
February – May


Wet Mill Process:
Fully Washed, Semi-Washed, and Prolonged Fermentation


Drying Method:
African beds.


Cup Score:85+


Availability:500 bags/60kg


Guara Azul Microlots is a significant departure from the conventional supply, not only because of the intensity of its attributes but also for the dedication and hard work producers do. Its a combination of art, science and individual’s creativity with strict guidelines.  It is carefully hand-selected from different Arabica varieties and harvested at high altitude farms in complex microclimates, resulting in a well-balanced cup with bright acidity, citrus, full-bodied robustness, consistent, and pleasant aftertaste.

Our selected producers use different Protocols from innovative procedures like prolonged fermentation in which they left the beans with mucilage in the fermentation tanks up to 160 hours. The time will depend on the temperature, amount of beans, amount of sugar and how often they move the coffee, we use the pH meter to avoid over fermentation.

Offers full traceability, from producer name, Estate farm, varietals, Altitude and procedure used. 


They eat fruit and nuts and occasionally supplement their diet with nectar and flowers. Guaras are known to consume fruits before they are ripe.

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