Decades of Constant Innovation

We work very hard to build a bond between coffee passionate lovers and specific product profiles; the genesis of our vision originated from the need to find reliable sources of consistent high-quality coffee for the roasters community around the world. In the year 2015, BECAMO created the Specialty Coffee Division by working with very small producers with the best plantations of cold microclimates and tallest mountains. We are a company of long tradition; founded in 1983, recognized today as a top coffee exporter in America, and a member of the Neumann Kaffee Gruppe since 1989.

Our Mission

Beneficio de Café Montecristo (BECAMO) is dedicated to purchasing, processing and commercializing green coffee that meets the quality demands of national and international markets. Through cutting-edge technology and a commitment to ethical and environmental standards, we’re generating value for our partners contributing to the sustainable development of Honduran coffee community.

Our Vision

By 2022, our goal is to Increase overall market share by having a constant growth in specialty and sustainable certified coffees, full compliance with corporate ethics codes, a methodology for continuous improvement, optimized resource use, and a framework for environmental, social and corporate responsibility.

About Our Process

Hundreds of stories and thousands of pieces of amazing data pile up and lead to deep and persistent conclusions that consistent quality is possible. But beyond that truth, is the emotional connection that makes real humans so enthusiastic about this program; it’s not just about work, it’s about being part of a noble and reliable cause.

The Specialty Coffee Division not only provides us with a chance to have high-quality products at a very competitive price, it also provides the platform to create an extremely efficient way to supply coffee consistently exceeding your expectations.


Coffee, being a crop adapted to tropical highlands, requires a well distributed annual rainfall, just like agro-forestry ecosystems. But most important it requires a microclimate with evidence of proper sustainable farming. We choose our producers based on many behavioral indicators, it is not a requirement to have knowledge on best production techniques since we cover all training requirements, but on the other hand, it´s vital to have the appropriate attitude towards environment responsibility. The majority of our producers achieve efficient and productive agriculture while balancing nature conservation with high-quality scoring in the product.


A well-maintained plantation with good physiological aspect will have the right horizontal size of branches/twigs, making it easier for the picking of only the opaque red cherries. The selection of these type of cherries accounts for sucrose measurement (Brix) at its optimum level which in turn will cause the resident microorganisms during the fermentation process to become more active, impacting the flavor intensity of the coffee. This is a key step closely related to the final quality, previous to the wet mill processing.


It is well known that coffee must be dried in order to preserve the quality attributes. When our beans are harvested at the right stage, biochemical changes associated with a controlled and slow drying process (within 3 to 5 weeks) start to occur, giving more than enough time for the natural chemical compounds to stabilize inside the beans. The relationship between this specific kind of fermentation and the aroma modulation have been noted in hundreds of trials at different mountains, this is one of the avenues in which the program has found the delicate and intricate relationship that accounts for its product´s complexity.

Quality Control

Months before the harvest starts our team executes training sessions counting all the producers in the program, our main objective is to extend the necessary knowledge to understand and apply protocols designed to impact the quality of the product. But most important is the system we have in place which inspects and test hundreds of samples during the harvest, the wet milling and the drying process before the product is packed and sent to our warehouses. Today our quality assurance system emphasizes in catching noncompliance events before they get into the final product. All of this has proven to increase our customers' confidence and the credibility of the Specialty Program.


Holding on to a Dream

Nature holds one Key

Together we do the rest

Becamo Updates & Events

Join us in this journey where nature, the producer, and experience meet to deliver a one-of-a-kind coffee.

Coffee with a View: Human Development

At Becamo, our main goal is not only to put the best Specialty Coffee from our producers in the market but being able to improve their quality of life. This is why we are constantly looking for side projects that will help diversify their income,

whether it is by teaching them on new and accurate ways to nurture their plantations, better coffee processing practices, but at the same time rely on different agricultural businesses.

Connect With Us

At Becamo, we search for the best coffee producers and the best Arabica varieties in tropical microclimates. With the help of strict guidelines, we promote the development of high-quality attributes, produced in an environmentally sustainable manner.

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